Zingari, Opera Rara studio recording (recorded November 2021, released September 2022)

“American baritone Stephen Gaertner acquits himself splendidly...rendering Tamar’s transition from spurned suitor to illicit love-interest (in Pagliacci terms, from Tonio to Silvio) more convincing than it looks on paper, and investing the ‘Canto Notturno’ which recurs in both ‘episodes’ with real poetry.”
(Katherine Cooper, www.prestomusic.com [Recording of the Week], September 23, 2022)

“Stephen Gaertner ist mit einer gut artikulierenden, dunkel-warmen Stimme ein sehr guter Tamar.”
(Remy Franck, www.pizzicato.lu [Supersonic Award], September 23, 2022)

“Dritter im Bunde ist der amerikanische Bariton Stephen Gaertner, der mit mächtig auftrumpfendem Bariton der Figur des Tamar das erforderliche Gewicht gibt.”
(Peter Sommeregger, www.klassik-begeistert.de, September 23, 2022)

“Tamar, Stephen Gaertner est un beau baryton, L’émission est sonore, au timbre séduisant, les aigus sont mordants. Sa souffrance du début (‘ah, taci...’) se mue en un chant rayonnant dans le ‘Canto notturno’ du second épisode.”
(Yvan Beuvard, www.forumopera.com, September 21, 2022)

“...with the viscerally exciting American baritone Stephen Gaertner singing the role of Tamar...”
(William Charlton-Perkins, www.newslink.co.za, September 12, 2022)

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Copland: Old American Songs

October 1, 2022

New Jersey Festival Orchestra